Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Gets a Big Post Oscar Boost

Comic film adaptations are big dollars and we track how they do each week to see trends and what’s working and what’s not.

2018 is a record setting year for comic film adaptations. It has topped 2017’s record year and then some. Currently, comic adaptations have earned $2.692 billion domestically, $4.545 billion internationally, $7.237 billion worldwide, with a “profit” of $6.025 billion. That’s off of 10 films. 2017, with 16 films, saw domestic earnings of $2.365 billion, international earnings of $3.755 billion, worldwide earnings of $6.120 billion, and “profits” of $4.442 billion.

Alita: Battle Angel dipped one spot to come in third place for the weekend. The film earned earned an estimated $7 million. Domestically the film has now earned $72.2 million after three weeks. It also earned $40.4 million internationally from 81 markets to bring that total to $278.2 million for a worldwide total of $350.4 million.

The film shot up a lot of spots breaking the top 60 and sits at #59 for comic film adaptations and worldwide grosses. It has passed X-Men, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, The LEGO Batman Movie, and Wanted in worldwide earnings (not adjusted for inflation).

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is still bringing in the dollars though not charting on the weekend box office. The film overall earned about $200,000 over the week bringing the domestic total to $30.7 million, international total to $72.8 million and worldwide earnings of $103.5 million.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse improved from #16 last week to #11 this past weekend with a post Oscar win boost. The film increased 137.5% with an estimated $2.1 million to bring its domestic total to $187.4 million. The film also earned around $600,000 over the week internationally where it has earned $175.4 million for a worldwide total of $362.8 million.

Aquaman continues to bring in the dollars though it didn’t chart over the weekend. Over the week, the film earned about $260,000 over the week to bring its domestic total to $333.2 million. It remained static internationally with $805.9 million for a worldwide total of $1.139 billion.

Next weekend sees the opening of Captain Marvel which is expected to earn around $140 million over the three days.

Here’s where this year’s comic films stand as far as the actual numbers.

Total Domestic Gross: $2.692 billion
Total International Gross: $4.545 billion
Worldwide Gross: $7.237 billion
Total Reported Budgets: $1.187 billion
Total “Profit”: $6.025 billion

Average Domestic Gross: $269.2 million
Average International Gross: $454.5 million
Average: Worldwide Gross: $723.7 million
Average Budget: $131.9 million
Average Profit: $669.5 million

Below is where the films released stand when it comes to being compared to this year’s averages. Those in green are above average while those below are red.

General Marvel

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