Advance Review: Robyn Hood: Outlaw #1

Robyn Hood: Outlaw #1

When it comes to “friends,” everyone’s definition is different. People tend to think of friends as people they have known since childhood. Some people regard family members as friends just based on shared experiences and general likeability. In this age of social media the definition has become blurred as the connections we make on sites like Facebook and Instagram can be misconstrued as vehicles for empty adoration.

The measure of true kinship, is what you would do for one another. The bonds I made in the military have lasted this long not only because of shared experiences but the implicit trust we have in each other from our training. It is even more difficult, to have each other’s back, when it comes at your own detriment. In the first issue of Robyn Hood Outlaw our titular hero finds out what happens when helping a friend makes you public enemy number one.

We find Robyn Locksley returning home to New York City in her cozy manor situated in Manhattan, when she notices a broken door. Who she finds is her friend, Gengrich, the NYPD Commissioner who walked into an ambush, one that leaves her close to dead and the rest of the NYPD looking at Robyn as the main suspect for her death? Soon a fugitive hunt ensues, which leads to every police officer looking for Robyn ad a bloody firefight between her and the police.

Overall, an action-packed debut issue which mashes on the gas and leaves the reader almost breathless. The story by Howard Mackie is fun, tense, and densely written. The art by Babisu Kourtis and Juan M. Rodriguez is beautiful and vivid. Altogether, a story that feels like a cinematic action thriller, one that will keep readers coming back.

Story: Howard Mackie Art: Babisu Kourtis Color: Juan M. Rodriguez
Story: 10 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy