TV Review: Marvel’s The Punisher S2E3 Trouble the Water

The Punisher Season 2

As Pilgrim’s past comes into focus, Frank and Rachel find themselves in police custody, where they’re anything but safe.

Assault on Precinct 13, is that you? Frank and Rachel are locked up as Pilgrim and his mysterious group find them. From there a massive gunfight that’s entertaining and the only redeeming thing about the episode.

Much like the first two episodes, this third one feels like something we’ve seen before and is just a build up to an action sequence towards the end. Each episode so far has followed similar structural builds where 2/3 of the episode is slow and plodding while the last 1/3 is all action.

The season so far is an interesting one with about 1/3 of each episode being interesting. There’s this villain, a religious nut that alos seems to be a former white supremacist, but not much depth makes his mission to retrieve Rachel feel more like a horror slasher film than anything else.

There’s also the plot of Russo which feels like it could have been sped up to achieve the same result much earlier. He’ll eventually clash with the Punisher as the various plotlines come together.

There’s nothing bad about the series so far but there’s also nothing that really stands out to make it special either. It just is.