Review: A Knight in Kansas City #2

A Knight in Kansas City #2

When we think of a cult, we’re used to situations mostly revolving around ones that sprouted up around an ideal, a person, or a religion. Many of them are harmless and a good number of them have become a circus, both good and bad, in some ways.

After watching Surviving R.Kelly over the past few nights, it has given me a different view of what a cult is. The show itself, started off as an examination of the many rumors about Kelly’s sexual proclivities and his “harem”. What became apparent throughout the series is that it was more than rumors,and what happened in his inner circle,was both disgusting and should be considered “sex slavery”. The rules, conditions, and power dynamics that were imposed on these women shined a light on the devaluation of black women that were not seen in the public eye as it should have been.  The reality is who knows what disgusting details could have been left.

In the second issue of A Knight In Kansas City, Kay’s investigation into a cult gets deeper and fatal for some.

As Kay searches for answers, she stumbles upon a boy whose mother was deep into the cult and may lead her to the answers she is looking for. What she finds in her search is a mysterious videotape, which exposes the dirty secrets the Knights have been hiding and what it could mean to the city. Kay gets motivated by the venom of the propaganda to confront Brother Willem and the rest of hierarchy at the Knights headquarters.

Overall, it’s an engaging second issue that gives the story a bit of a jolt that keeps reader interested. The story by
Daniel Gargallo and Sam Kramer is full of pulp, action packed and scintillating. The art by Luana Vecchio and Mike Stock is intense and elegant. Altogether, it’s a fine sophomore episode of this story, one that adds even more mystery to this pot boiler.

Story: Daniel Gargallo and Sam Kramer
Art: Luana Vecchio and Mike Stock
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy