Preview: Kaijumax Season 4, #3

Kaijumax Season 4, #3

(W/A/C/CA) Zander Cannon
Age Rating: Mature Themes
Genre: Sci-Fi/Comedy— Price: $3.99 — Page Count: 32

When you’re a malevolent ancient entity from beyond the stars and people keep bossing you around, it can be frustrating! Goat enacts her plan to wrest power from Queen Bee, and all it takes is a sip of the black milk. Meanwhile, Go-Go Space Baby’s due date has come, and although delivering a child in the female wing of the monster prison is just what new inmate Dr. Zhang is good at, it’s not certain she’ll be allowed to help. Also: Smuggling smokestacks! Turning a disabled optical sensor to corruption! A hijacked super-vehicle! And… a familiar-looking baby?