Marvel Fires Chuck Wendig Over Comments on Social Media

Writer Chuck Wendig went to Twitter on Friday and announced he had been fired by Marvel while working on Shadow of Vader. The first issue has yet to be released. Announced earlier in October at New York Comic Con, just a week later Wendig is fired. He says he was also taken off another Star Wars comic that was yet to be announced. Wendig believes the reason is his social media presence.

Wendig wrote one of the first stories in the new Star Wars Expanded Universe with 2015’s Star Wars: Aftermath. The novel featured a gay character which lead to a backlash that included harassment and review bombing. He has since written two more Star Wars Novels as well as the Marvel adaptation of The Force Awakens as well as Marvel comic Hyperion. Wendig says the harassment towards him found a new wave during the release of The Last Jedi.

That harassment has made Wendig outspoken against online harassment and that includes naughty swear words. These all existed before Wendig was hired, so it’s unclear what changed between New York Comic Con and now.

This comes just months after Marvel Studios/Disney fired James Gunn after a far-right harassment campaign. Writer Chelsea Cain, who also written for Marvel and has been harassed online, had her Vision miniseries cancelled by Marvel as well. Speaking to other creators, Marvel has provided little help to their creators who have see a wave of hate and harassment directed towards them by the various regressive online trolls.

It’s clear Marvel has a “bully problem” and through the firings emboldening them to continue their campaigns of harassment. Unfortunately, they keep falling for the same crap every time. Appeasement never works.

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