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TV Review: Black Lightning S2E1 The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of The Green Light Babies

The board considers a motion to shut down the school, forcing Jefferson to go to Napier Frank to sway the vote; Jennifer struggles with her powers; Anissa finds a new way to give back to Freeland.

I’ll admit, I fell behind on the first season of Black Lightning and have yet to finish watching it (life got in the way). So, I was intrigued as to how accessible the second season’s debut would be. The answer is a bit mixed honestly.

Unlike a lot of the other CW shows, this first episode of the second season feels like a continuation of the first. It’s not so much a new storyline that may reference what came before, it straight up feels like part two to the first season’s part one.

What I enjoyed about the first season is its dive into today’s very real social issues and not flinching at all to call things for what they are and be honest, brutally honest, about it all. The second season opens with something that gave me hope too for a repeat. While the episode does that somewhat, it’s more focused on the meta aspect of it all. It feels a bit like a DC X-Men in a way. There’s a lot of discussion about metas and government experimentation. That, along with how best to help one’s community, are about as social aware as the episode gets.

There is a lot to reflect upon. There’s hints of Flint’s water crisis and absolutely the Tuskegee experiments. But, while abuse by the police is there, it feels like this season debut is focused more on the meta abilities and giving us “magical” moments full of special fx. But, there’s a focus on the experience of the underlying brutality this community experiences that pervades the episode. Trauma is front and present, both deep down and on the surface like experienced at the end of the episode.

While the episode could have been better at being new viewer friendly but still, it’s an emotional show that has no problem mixing the fantastical with a social consciousness.

Overall Rating: 8.0