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Review: Faith: Dreamside #1

Faith: Dreamside’s first issue primarily sets up groundwork for what is hopefully going to be a more interesting storyline. With only the series name and a brief mention of ghosts to go on, one is left to wonder where this story might go? A quick Google search explains that Faith will be entering another realm for this adventure, the Dreamside, but it’s still a mystery as to what it may hold.

This series picks up after Faith has been framed for murder, so if you’re not caught up, that’s not a huge issue here. The story does a great job of filling in background work. That’s part of its problem though. It’s more so about recalling the past and setting up the future than living in the present. There was one glimpse of humor in a scene where Faith escapes the police with the help of a familiar face—and that leaves hope there might be more to come.

In classic Faith fashion, the art more or less follows the traditional Faith we all know and love. It’s light-hearted, charming and fun. Simple scenes like Faith with her hair wrapped up in a towel, a mundane task and a simple side note left by the artist, makes living in her world just that much more real for readers. It’s in these scenes Faith is at her best. Not a day reporter or a superhero but just a woman in her apartment hanging out.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should pick this issue up, I’d wait for the collection bundle if you’re truly a fan. This particular issue doesn’t offer much but a slow build. We can only hope that the issues to follow will offer more and be worth the wait.

Story: Jody Houser Art: MJ Kim
Colors: Jordie Bellaire Letterer: Dave Sharpe

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