Get Your Grand Passion, Vampirella, and Control T-Shirts from Dynamite

Control T-Shirt

art: Andrea Mutti
FC | $19.99

Control is one of Dynamite’s curated titles of original, creator-driven stories from Andy Diggle (Hellblazer, Daredevil, The Losers). Framed for a murder she didn’t commit, Det. Sgt. Kate Burnham is the target of a massive conspiracy and the star of this action-packed piece of apparel.

Grand Passion T-Shirt

art: John Cassaday
FC | $19.99

Grand Passion is the brain-child of James Robinson (Squadron Supreme, Nick Fury) where Harlequin romance meets hard-boiled crime. A cop and criminal couldn’t be any more different from each other, but comic fans can all agree John Cassaday’s art is perfect for wearing.

Vampirella T-Shirt

art: José Gonzalez
FC | $19.99

Vampirella, the classic, vampire and super-heroine has been a consistent lead character at Dynamite for years. She’s teamed-up with the likes of Dracula, Dawn, and even Ash from Army of Darkness, but we’re celebrating her origins with this “vintage-style” t-shirt design.