First Impressions Featuring: Gods, Bullets and Spiders

Welcome to Graphic Policy’s First Impressions where we take a look at a handful of comics in order to discern just how accessible they are for new readers, because every comic could be somebody’s first – and that’s the first question that’ll be answered with this feature. The second is whether youshould  start there because sometimes a book could be accessible to new readers but the quality could be less than average, and so each comic will receive a score out of ten based upon Graphic Policy’s typical ten point scale.

Where possible we’ll also be providing  recap of sorts for the relevant story beats up until the issue in question in order to help you figure out if the series is something you’re interested in, assuming we’ve read any part of the story thus far. All comics were provided for review purposes unless otherwise noted.


Asgardians Of The Galaxy #1 (Marvel)
Can a new reader start here? Yes
Recap, review: With no idea how this team formed, I can’t give you a recap. But that doesn’t matter because this is an easy comic to jump into (and there’s Throg, Frog of Thunder!).
Rating: 8.4

Border Town #1 (DC/Vertigo)
Can a new reader start here? Yes
Recap, review: A comic with a not so subtle social commentary, a cultural mythology lesson and some fantastic characters? Hell yeah. This is one of the best things I’ve read all week.
Rating: 9.1

Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #23 (Marvel)
Can a new reader start here? Yes, kinda.
Recap, review: So Ben Reilly was a villain and made a deal with the devil, he owes a cure to terminal illness to somebody and his “brother” is going to kill him when he does cure her because his crimes were so egrecious. Sound fun? Wait till you get to the two twists and all the character development.
Rating: 8.4

United States vs. Murder, Inc #1 (DC/Jinxworld)
Can a new reader start here? Yes
Recap, review: Ever wondered how a person gets their start as a mafia enforcer? This oddly charming comic blends familial ties with murder as an uncle inducts his niece into the casually brutal way of life of a mafia enforcer while questioning why a woman can’t dothe job.
Rating: 8.7

Cover #1 (DC/Jinxworld)
Can a new reader start here? Yes
Recap, review: Weird, wonderful and beautifully illustrated, this is a love letter to the artist’s process wrapped up in a story that begins to reveal itself as the comics progresses.
Rating: 8.5

Immortal Hulk #5 (Marvel)
Can a new reader start here? Yes, more or less
Recap, review: How deadly is the monster within? That’s the question aked here amidst a backdrop of Hulk unleashing against an enemy that can stand his punches. We get a little in story scene setting before an epic battle ensues. Yes, we’re five issues in, bu this is still a relatively safe place to start from (I say this as I don’t know if I read the last issue).
Rating: 8.9

Old Man Logan Annual #1 (Marvel)
Can a new reader start here? Yes
Recap, review: Set before Old Man Logan came to the 616 universe, this standalone tale has him facing off against a gang taking a hero for inspiration and wisting it horribly. Becayse it’s standalone, you can read this without ever having gone near the main series.
Rating: 8.1