Humans and Paragons Explores Super-Hero Justice

Sequart Organization has announced the release of Humans and Paragons: Essays on Super-Hero Justice, edited by Ian Boucher.

Super-heroes, said to represent justice, have saturated popular culture at a time when the American criminal justice system is under intense public scrutiny and re-evaluation. Do the super-heroes we celebrate really represent the best we can be? How do the stories we tell ourselves about justice help society understand the endeavor of protecting citizens and making itself better?

In this book of essays, contributors from around the world explore these questions and more from many perspectives, encouraging a more conscious discussion about the most fundamental element of super-heroes.

The book runs 272 pages and features interviews with Mark Waid and Gerard Jones. The cover is by Mara MacMahon and Roni Setiawan. The book is now is available in print and on Kindle. (Just a reminder: you don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle-formatted books; you can download a free Kindle reader for most computers, phones, and tablets.)