Review: Paradise Court #1

When it comes to crime noir, there is nothing like towns with secrets. In every town there are always skeletons and much more that is hiding in the shadows. In the last season of the highly entertaining and recently cancelled Hap and Leonard, the story revolved around a town which a reporter friend of theirs goes missing. As they start poking their noses everywhere, they find the town is seething with KKK members, rapists, pedophiles, and crooked cops. The scary reality of this situation is that more often than not, we do not know our neighbors, like we should.

As many neighborhoods have people who mind their own business and rarely know of the evil that dwells nearby. As this is what scary stories are made of and even scarier legends are abounding with, as the undercurrent of reservation when everything seems tranquil, is what makes these perfect pictures, not as flawless. This is more frequent for those who grew up in big cities as we are used to seeing the evil men do. In the first issue of Joe Brusha and Allan Otero’s Paradise Court, a couple visits their friends in one such neighborhood only to find their hesitations proven true.

While taking a cross country trip, a young couple stops to visit one of their long lost friends who live in an idyllic gated community in the Midwest. Not long after they arrive, they find out that a girl has gone missing and that something sinister may be lurking behind the mansions and well-manicured lawns of Paradise Court. Nothing is what it seems in this comic.

Overall, a skin crawling debut issue which will remind readers of some of the best horror movies of yesteryear. The story by Brusha is creepy, tense, and may make you jump out of your seat. The art by Otero is sleek and gorgeous. Altogether, one of the better horror comic books to come out in years.

Story: Joe Brusha Art: Allan Otero
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy