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Graphic Policy Radio Podcasts with 2018 Eisner Winners

Graphic Policy Radio has had phenomenal guests over the years. Several of the winners of the 2018 Eisner Awards have guests on our podcast. We’re offering theme our congratulations, especially since each of them has broken new ground diversifying the awards and industry. Check the links below for our podcast interviews:

Congrats to Saladin Ahmed & Christian Ward for Black Bolt, Best New Series. We interviewed Saladin Ahmed about Black Bolt and his creator-owned series Abott in January. Pretty sure he’s the first writer of Middle Eastern heritage who’s won for a superhero series let alone for Best New Series.

Congrats to Taneka Stotts, editor of Elements: Fire, A Comic Anthology by Creators of Color for Best Anthology. Her leadership at Beyond Press has just helped to usher 32 creators of color onto the list of Eisner winners. She said in her acceptance speech that we “declare war on an antiquated mentality that tells us our voices and stories aren’t ‘profitable’ enough.” I interviewed Taneka Stotts just a few weeks ago!

Congrats to Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda for Monstress which won Best Publication for Teens and Best Continuing Series. She is the first woman to win the Best Writer award which she also won in a tie.  We interviewed Marjorie Liu back when this series first began.

Congrats to Karen Berger, legendary founding editor of Vertigo Comics who was inaugurated into the Hall of Fame. Karen Berger spoke to us about one of her recent editorial efforts, Surgeon X and her return to comics.

Each of these links goes to SoundCloud but all of these episodes are also available on our iTunes feed. Just look under our account.