AfterShock Announces The Dead Kings from Steve Orlando and Matthew Dow Smith

Thrice-Nine took Sasha’s brother, and it took Maria’s heart.

Plagued by the ramifications of a techno-magic world now thirty years gone, Thrice-Nine is a dirty folklore world that limps along, degenerating into a place filled with paranoia and poison. Sasha Vasnetsov thought he’d escaped all that, but when news comes that his younger brother has been kidnapped by the secret police, he finds himself dragged back into the madness with a simple goal—to find his brother.

But Sasha is going to need help to do this, and he enlists Maria Kamenaya, a former warrior with hundreds of enemy kills to her name, who was betrayed by the very country she served. This quest is how they get both of those things back, in the lawless land of decapitated states…the land of DEAD KINGS.

Written by Steve Orlando and drawn by Matthew Dow SmithDead Kings is an in-depth exploration of retribution, in all its dark, complex forms.

Dead Kings #1 comes to shelves October 24th featuring colors by Lauren Affe, lettering by Thomas Mauer, and covers by Matthew Dow Smith and Michael Gaydos.