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First Impressions Featuring: The Sentry, Farmhand and More!

Welcome to Graphic Policy’s First Impressions where we take a look at a handful of comics in order to discern just how accessible they are for new readers, because every comic could be somebody’s first – and that’s the first question that’ll be answered with this feature. The second is whether youshould  start there because sometimes a book could be accessible to new readers but the quality could be less than average, and so each comic will receive a score out of ten based upon Graphic Policy’s typical ten point scale.

Where possible we’ll also be providing  recap of sorts for the relevant story beats up until the issue in question in order to help you figure out if the series is something you’re interested in, assuming we’ve read any part of the story thus far. All comics were provided for review purposes unless otherwise noted.


The Sentry #1 (Marvel Comics)
Can a new reader start here? Yes.
Recap & review: Bob Reynolds is at the same time the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe, the Sentry, and its most deadly villain, the Void. For without one there cannot be the other. This duality is explored in a comic steeped in the duality that Bob lives with, and a story that is far deeper than you’d expect. Yes, a new reader might struggle, but it’s a struggle that will pay off.
Rating: 8.7

Farmhand #1 (Image)
Can a new reader start here? Sure.
Recap & review: In a world where transplant organs and limbs can be grown on a farm, an estranged family try to reconnect amidst a backdrop of industrial espionage – honestly, this is the kind of story you read comics for.
Rating: 9.5

Superman #1 (DC)
Can a new reader start here? Uh… maybe.
Recap & review: Save your money. Honestly, there are better Superman stories out there, and you’d be better off finding one of those – the few redeeming features aren’t enough to justify buying this comic. It also doesn’t help that this doesn’t feel like a first issue, rather the start of a new arc.
Rating: 5.5

The Mall #1 (Scout Comics)
Can a new reader start here? Yup.
Recap & review: Having no idea what this was about going into the comic, I was enthralled with the story from start to finish. A significantly better comic than I expected given the cover, I’d recommend this to those who don’t want to only read about the spandex crowd.
Rating: 8.5


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