Steve Ditko Has Died at age 90

Legendary comic creator Steve Ditko was found dead in his apartment on June 29th, believe to have passed two days earlier. He was age 90.

Stephen J. Ditko was born in Johnstwon, Pennsylvania on November 2, 1927 developing his love of comics from his father. He served in the army after graduating high school. He was stationed in post-war Germany where he drew for the military paper. He moved to New York City in 1950 where he studied under Batman artist Jerry Robinson at the Cartoonists and Illustrators School. He began his comic career in 1953 working at the studio of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and began working for Marvel in 1955.

Ditko is one of the great creators having created Spider-Man with Stan Lee in 1961. The look of the character, the costume, web shooters, colors, that was all Ditko. His run on the character lasted to issue 38 and he received a plot credit in addition to his artistic credit starting with issue 25.

Spider-Man wasn’t the only famous Ditko creation. He also created Doctor Strange in 1963.

He eventually left Marvel over a dispute and went on to work with Charlton, DC Comics but returned where we worked on Machine Man, Micronauts, and created Squirrel Girl in 1992.

The creator as reclusive, rarely speaking on the record and declining most of his interview requests.