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Review: The Man of Steel #6

The fate of Lois Lane and Jon Kent is revealed! Metropolis’ survival hangs in the balance! And Superman must somehow put an end to Rogol Zaar’s rampage! It’s do-or-die time for the Man of Steel in the final chapter of this explosive miniseries!

While writer Brian Michael BendisThe Man of Steel has generally been ok as single issues, it’s much stronger as a whole. This issue is no exception as it feels like it’s purpose is to answer the question as to where Jonathan and Lois are and set things moving as far as to what’s next for Superman.

Rogol Zaar, as an addition to Superman’s villains, is one full of potential. As Superman repeats, he is made for war. There’s not much else to him other than his want of destroying Kryptonians. We don’t know a whole lot and things are left open for Supergirl to explore that aspect. That chapter is wrapped up and while not a bad ending, it’s a solution we’ve seen again and again and one I thought about issues ago.

But, the bigger thing is where Jonathan and Lois are. We get the decision as to what they decide to do as far as Jor-El’s offer and much like Zaar’s fate, it also is not a surprise now. Jor-El’s reveal was the surprise. Though, that also leaves so many questions considering how we last saw him being whisked away by we assume Doc Manhattan.

Then there’s those fires. That’s not really answered, that’ll happen in Bendis’ run on Action Comics and Superman.

Where the comic takes off is the focus on the heart. Superman dealing with his family, and the decisions there is where things stand out. Jonathan especially, it’s hard to not feel bad for the kid. There’s also the hurt of where Superman is when the decision is made. It’s hard to discuss that without spoiling things but again, it’s the heart that stands out. If Bendis focuses on that, we’ll be fine as he’s really stood out in that aspect.

The art by Jason Fabok is pretty solid. There’s some great moments with Jonathan where the emotion rolls off the page. There’s a lot of emotion at times and that’s balanced with a lot of fighting. There’s a battle with Zaar that’s decent in the battle though it really misses that really hook of a moment. Again, the best parts are the emotional ones, especially with Jonathan.

This is a prequel in every sense. It’s setting up what’s to come in Bendis’ run and there’s a lot of balls in the air. There’s the fire storyline. There’s Jonathan and Lois’ adventure. There’s Supergirl’s quest. But hopefully, Bendis focuses on Superman/Clark home alone and a bit lost. His strength through this entire miniseries has been the heart of it all. While no individual issue really stands out, the package as a whole is an entertaining read.

Story: Brian Michael Bendis Art: Jason Fabok
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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