Review: Orphan Black: Crazy Science #1

In Orphan Black: Crazy Science #1, we find Cosima and Delphine being the most brilliant and adorably in love duo while trying to find a cure for 274 Leda clones. Writer Heli Kennedy manages to spend equal amounts of time setting up the current problem and showing the beauty of a loving relationship. Kennedy manages to showcase our heroes intelligence without relying on silly “smart girls” tropes. She also showcases their relationship without stooping to unrealistic or hyper-sexualized lesbian relationship tropes.

Artist Fico Ossio has a simplistic yet sleek art style, reminiscent of early Wynonna Earp comics, that keeps the focus on Cosima, Delphine and the Leda Clones and not their more feminine assets. Ossio is respectful and tender in his depiction of Cosima and Delphine’s relationship and romantic moments. He doesn’t linger on their curves of hold a panel two long on their tongues while they kiss, he treats them like people and not objects , which is refreshing.

The story takes the duo to Brazil , has them rewrite their love story, become more emotionally intimate and play super spy by following the car of a Leda Clone to remote area of Brazil. There isn’t a panel or word wasted and everything helps to move the story foreword with supreme precision. This issue was the definition of a page turner, from the beautiful soft art work to the meaningful romantic and, scientific bedside chats , this inaugural issue of the latest arc is amazing. It is well written, heavy but not convoluted and easy to follow , whether you’ve watched the show or not. Crazy Science could be an arc to suck you into the Orphan Black universe, or at least it could have been,

The only bad thing about this comic is that it ended on a stellar cliffhanger and we might not get to see what happens next. This issue might be the end, IDW preemptively cancelled the series due to low order numbers, so #2 and #3 might never see the light of day. Hopefully, word of mouth will get more people into the shops (preferably) or shopping on line and we can force their hand for the rest. The run was cancelled after the initial printing of issue #1 so, even though 2 and 3 were planned, they might never make it to see the light of day, which sucks because Crazy Science had the makings of one hell of a banger. I hope IDW changes their mind because, they were really on to something with this one.

Story: Heli Kennedy Art: Fico Ossio
Story: 8.9 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review