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Preview: Shrugged Vol. 3 #3

Shrugged Vol. 3 #3

Frank Mastromauro – Story / André Risso, Mauricio Campetella – Art / Valentina Taddeo, Jesse Heagy, Peter Steigerwald – Colors / Taylor Esposito – Lettering

Volume three of Aspen’s hit series’ long-awaited return is finally here!

With the Earth literally falling apart, it’s up to Theo and his friends to try and save the day…again. Meanwhile, Perspecta has it’s own civil war taking place and a new power player has entered the picture which could spell certain doom for every living being there! And why is Dev trampling across the city like he’s Godzilla?!? Find out as the newest issue of Shrugged volume arrives!

SHRUGGED VOL 3 #3 is in stores April 25th, 2018!

FC 32 pages $3.99