Retrofit Comics 2018 Includes 12 new Graphic Novels. Now on Kickstarter

Retrofit Comics is one of the best kept secrets in comics publishing some of the best indie comic work out there. They comic company has a new Kickstarter which runs until April 27 where you can get their 2018 releases (and more).

If you get all 12 comics/graphic novels, you get them at over 50% off, and if that’s still too much, you can pick and choose what you want.

What’s on tap for 2018?

  • All the Sad Songs – Summer Pierre – a 104 page black and white softcover graphic memoir.
  • Fashion Forecasts – Yumi Sakugawa – 72 color pages and explores fashion in a not-so-distant future.
  • I Love You – Sara Lautman – 72 color pages, collects stories and strips from 2017.
  • John, Dear – Laura Lannes – This 48 page comic is about a bad relationship.
  • Our Wretched Town Hall – Eric Kostiuk Williams – 64 color pages, explores a whole bunch of trippy subjects.
  • The Prince – Liam Cobb – 120 two color pages, this softcover graphic novel is a take on the Frog Prince fairytale.
  • Survive 300 Million 1 – Pat Aulisio – this 76 color paged comic traverses the post-man ruinscape of the future.
  • Survive 300 Million 2: Serpentine Captives – Pat Aulisio – is a 92 page color graphic novel and the second of the series.
  • The Troublemakers – Baron Yoshimoto – a 248 black and white graphic novel is a collection of some of the best stories of Yoshimoto.
  • TRUMPTRUMP vol. 2: Modern Day Presidential – Warren Craghead III – 208 black and white pages of grotesque portraits of Donald Trump and his minions.
  • Understanding – Becca Tobin – 100 color pages of short stories about going to parties, spending money on stuff, voyeurism and ritual.
  • The Winner – Karl Stevens – 104 color pages hat dissects the line between the worlds of high and low art.

You can find out more about each project including preview art. Go back it now, you won’t be disappointed.