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Retrofit Comics 2018 Includes 12 new Graphic Novels. Now on Kickstarter

Retrofit Comics is one of the best kept secrets in comics publishing some of the best indie comic work out there. They comic company has a new Kickstarter which runs until April 27 where you can get their 2018 releases (and more).

If you get all 12 comics/graphic novels, you get them at over 50% off, and if that’s still too much, you can pick and choose what you want.

What’s on tap for 2018?

  • All the Sad Songs – Summer Pierre – a 104 page black and white softcover graphic memoir.
  • Fashion Forecasts – Yumi Sakugawa – 72 color pages and explores fashion in a not-so-distant future.
  • I Love You – Sara Lautman – 72 color pages, collects stories and strips from 2017.
  • John, Dear – Laura Lannes – This 48 page comic is about a bad relationship.
  • Our Wretched Town Hall – Eric Kostiuk Williams – 64 color pages, explores a whole bunch of trippy subjects.
  • The Prince – Liam Cobb – 120 two color pages, this softcover graphic novel is a take on the Frog Prince fairytale.
  • Survive 300 Million 1 – Pat Aulisio – this 76 color paged comic traverses the post-man ruinscape of the future.
  • Survive 300 Million 2: Serpentine Captives – Pat Aulisio – is a 92 page color graphic novel and the second of the series.
  • The Troublemakers – Baron Yoshimoto – a 248 black and white graphic novel is a collection of some of the best stories of Yoshimoto.
  • TRUMPTRUMP vol. 2: Modern Day Presidential – Warren Craghead III – 208 black and white pages of grotesque portraits of Donald Trump and his minions.
  • Understanding – Becca Tobin – 100 color pages of short stories about going to parties, spending money on stuff, voyeurism and ritual.
  • The Winner – Karl Stevens – 104 color pages hat dissects the line between the worlds of high and low art.

You can find out more about each project including preview art. Go back it now, you won’t be disappointed.

Review: Comics for Choice Anthology

The issue of abortion, has been a hot topic longer than most of us have been alive. It is also very complicated on so many levels. The thing is no matter what side of this issue you accept as right, we all should believe that it is a woman’s choice, whether she should have one. Unfortunately, the die-hard anti-abortionists don’t believe in this idea, and the sad truth is no one and no man should have domain over a woman’s body. In a recently published anthology addressing this subject, Hazel Newlevant, Whit Taylor and OK Fox, and a host of other creators share stories in a Comics For Choice.

In Encountering Abortion Restrictions: From Kenya to Texas MJ Flores and Kat Fajardo, tells MJ’s own distressing story of what lead her to an abortion halfway around the world. In They Call Her Dr. D, Dr. Cynthia Greenlee and Jaz Malone tells Dr. Dorothy Brown’s story, who was Tennessee’s first black woman legislator and pushed one of the first state sponsored pro-abortion bills. In The Outcasts Heidi Williamson and Julia Krase, imagine a future where women’s sexual activities and reproductive health decisions were monitored daily and those who don’t comply, were jailed. In Body & Soul, Science and Religion Kriota Willberg, dives into the whole evolution from conception to birth in painstaking detail.

In Saturday Morning, Benita Ulisano and Laura Martin, shows how pro-life protesters attack people who go to these clinics. In Plan C, Nomi Kane educates readers about a third effective method to avoid pregnancy, that is not as widely known. In October, Kris Louis tells her story and the anxiety, and the loneliness brought it to her. In Bearing Witness, Mick Doran tells her story as an Abortion Doula, and how her work extends beyond the clinic.

Overall, each of these stories I highlighted as well as those I did not are universal, powerful, personal and beautiful. The stories by each of these creators, are deeply affecting, some are heartbreaking, some are relatable, but all are instantly connected. The art by different creators, makes for some visually striking work while at the same time educating the reader. Altogether an excellent anthology that should be read by all, regardless of your political or philosophical ideology.

Story: MJ Flores, Kendra Josie Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Camper, Dr. Cynthia Greenlee, Rickie Solinger, Rachel Wilson, Hallie Jay Pope, Anna Sellheim, Brittany Mostiller, Lindsay Rodriguez, Sam Romero, Candice Russell, Heidi Williamson, Cathy Camper, Kriota Willberg, Katie Brown & Andrew Carl, Benita Ulisano, Steph Kraft Sheley, Nomi Kane & the Plan   C Team, Sarah Mirk, Kris Louis, Emily Lady, Sage Coffey, Rachel Hays, Leah Hayes, Tanya DePass, Tatiana Gill, Mick Moran, Anna Bongiovanni, Daniela Diaz, Renee Bracey Sherman, Jennifer Camper, Michelle Kinsey Bruns, Jensine Eckwall, Yamani Hernandez, Claudia E. Berger, Mallory McMaster, Bree Jordan, CB Hart, Anise Simon, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Vreni
Art: Kat Fajardo, Kendra Josie Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Camper, Jaz Malone, Rachel Merrill, Ally Shwed, Hallie Jay Pope, Anna Sellheim, Lilly Taing, Lucy Haslam, Erin Lux, Laura Lannes, Julia Krase, Jennifer Camper, Kriota Willberg, Ahmara Smith, Laura Martin, Steph Kraft Sheley, Nomi Kane , Sarah Mirk, Kris Louis, Emily Lady, Sage Coffey, Rachel Hays, Leah Hayes, Wren Chavers, Tatiana Gill, Mick Moran, Anna Bongiovanni, Stephanie Rodriguez, Kennedy Tarrell, Katie Fricas, Gianna Meola, Jensine Eckwall, Sharon Rimann, Claudia E. Berger, Kate Kerns, Bree Jordan, CB Hart, Sarah Crowe, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Vreni
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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