Review: The Bloody Cardinal

As far back as I can remember popular culture has always been obsessed with murder mysteries. This is the exact reason Sherlock Holmes has been such a pivotal figure in law enforcement even though he is completely fictional. This obsession also is why the world has been somewhat fascinated with Jack the Ripper.  AS this murder mystery has been the subject of several books, tv shows, comics and movies.

Even the world-renowned crime author, Patricia Cornwell, did her own research into the subject which she turned into a true crime book. This very fascination explains a lot about humans and our obsessions with people who explore the darker recesses of the mind. Al Capone and John Dillinger are considered legendary and why these subjects continue to be explored. This obsession spills over into comics as Richard Sala explores a similar fictional figure in The Bloody Cardinal.

In the opening pages, we meet a young lady, Clara Clarette, who is looking for a rare book, but something about the book shop and the mysterious details that booksellers give her, leaves her suspicious. This leads to her being killed by knife, which introduces us to Inspector Coronet and Doctor Sun, who is investigating her murder and Bill Beaker, the “Bloody Cardinal” would be his number one suspect, if he wasn’t dead himself. We also meet Trini Toledo, who was the last person Clara spoke to. By book’s end, we find out who was possibly using Beaker’s identity but as all good mysteries do, it ends with a twist that no one saw coming.

Overall, an excellent book which proves Sala is one the premiere crime noir writers of our time. The story by Sala is frightening, unnerving, and suspense filled. The art by Sala is entrancing. Altogether, a spooky thriller which will have readers second guessing their instincts about who the killer is until the end.

Story: Richard Sala Art: Richard Sala
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy