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Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Classic Carson of Venus Comes to American Mythology!

American Mythology is spearheading a bold new era for fantasy and adventure with “Fear on Four Worlds,” an epic event that unites the iconic heroes of literary great Edgar Rice Burroughs into a shared comic book universe! Beginning with the special one-shot Carson of Venus #1 in June, the four-part “Fear on Four Worlds” storyline will continue across additional special issues in the ensuing months: Moon Maid #1Pellucidar #1, and The Land That Time Forgot #1, and the aftershocks of this cataclysmic event will ripple through individual miniseries throughout 2018 and beyond!

The first chapter of “Fear on Four Worlds” premieres with Carson of Venus #1, written by Christopher Mills and debuting the art of newcomer Cyrus Mesarcia. Two worlds collide as a group of unlikely explorers from Caspak – the prehistoric realm known to Burroughs fans as “The Land that Time Forgot” – leap across our solar system to the danger-fraught landscape of Venus. Stalked by alien beasts and treacherous villains, their only hope for survival lies in a legendary figure from eighty years in Earth’s past: long-lost astronaut Carson Napier!


The debut issue of Carson of Venus features a wide selection of cover variants, providing fans and retailers with the freedom of choice:

  • “Pulptastic” Main Cover by Mike Wolfer
  • “Visions of Venus” Variant by interior artist Cyrus Mesarcia
  • “Character Design” Limited Edition Variant, also by Mesarcia, limited to a print run of only 350 comics
  • “Blank Sketch” Variant, perfect for professional and aspiring artists to illustrate

Carson Napier, the protagonist of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Venus Series, debuted in 1934’s Pirates of Venus as an ambitious rocket pilot intent on reaching Mars, but due to a miscalculation, his ship hurtled out of control. His trajectory drawing him towards the Sun, Napier survived by crash-landing on the cloud-enshrouded planet Venus. Marooned and forever barred from returning to Earth, he quickly found himself in the midst of an alien war for dominance, a reluctant hero facing monsters, winged men, and atomic-powered barbarians.

American Mythology’s revival of Carson Napier as a 21st Century hero (and the cornerstone of their Burroughs-inspired science fiction universe) marks a bold new era for the publisher, as they make time-honored concepts of star-spanning fantasy accessible to curious newcomers while simultaneously rewarding lifelong fans with an expansion that both respects and modernizes iconic characters. “Fear on Four Worlds” is a perfect jumping-on point for new readers, an initiative guaranteed to deliver innovative, captivating storytelling month after month.