Zombie Tramp Vol. 13: A test for the soul of the Zombie Queen!

“The Death of Zombie Tramp” event is getting closer as our Zombie Queen Janey Belle fights for her soul during an emotional trip down memory lane. Will Janey decide mankind must be wiped out or will her humanity prevail? Find out in Zombie Tramp Volume 13: Back to the Brothel by writer Dan Mendoza and artist Celor.

When Janey returns to Madame George’s brothel, the place where her undead journey began, she finds something below it that may be more than she can emotionally handle. She may be turning into the monster that she fears!

Zombie Tramp Volume 13 collects issues 41-44 of the wildly popular ongoing series. It will be available on a comic book store near you on April 11th, 2018. Preoder the trade paperback with the Diamond item code FEB181019.