Gail Simone and Adriana Melo Team Up for Plastic Man this June!

This June 13, writer Gail Simone kicks off a new monthly six-issue miniseries for Plastic Man. Simone in the announcement said that the series is “sexy and stretchy and (she) seriously hop(es) it offends ALL the best people!”

Simone is the fan-favorite, award nominated writer whose run on DC Comics‘ Birds of Prey, Secret Six, and Batgirl, are all considered classics. She’s also written Clean Room for Vertigo.

Simone went on in the announcement to describe the character we can expect:

He’s the jester, the joke, the stretchy weirdo. He’s not credible. He’s not reliable. He’s…well, he’s Plastic Man. He’s like a stretchy Swamp Thing or the bouncy Batman; writing him is a goofy, snarky honor and I’m thrilled to be part of his rubber ribaldry.

Plas is THE original humor hero jock, and I think that everyone from Lobo to the Mask to Deadpool to Harley Quinn follows a little bit in his footsteps. If you read his best stories, he’s always a little bit bawdy, a little bit messed up, and that really is my favorite kind of hero.

Plastic Man, stars Eel O’Brian, petty thug, thief and con artist.

Joining Simone in June will be artist Adriana Melo. Aaron Lopresti is providing a cover for the first issue and Amanda Conner will have a variant. Check out a look at Lopresti’s cover below as well as some of the interior work by Melo.