Aspen Comics’ New Series Portal Bound Launches in April

Aspen Comics first new series of 2018 debuts on April 4th with the release of the action-adventure series, Portal Bound #1. This all-new Aspen property is created and written by Mark Roslan and newcomer Gabe Carrasco, with art by Alex Arizmendi and Wes Hartman.

Their Future Depends on Each Other in Aspen’s newest series! The warrior world of Havos is in peril! The megalomaniac Emperor Atilus, and his bio-mechanical beasts known as the Fymiera are hell bent on a plot that spells doom for their parallel world, Earth! Enter: Sybil, a soldier princess who has come to Earth seeking aid from the only person on the planet who can help her take down the Emperor: 17-year old high school student, Elias Rivera. Teamed up with the brilliant scientist, Riley, and the quick-witted Brett, in order to save both worlds, Elias and Sybil will have to fight as one… literally.

Portal Bound #1 will ship with two direct edition covers by series artist Arizmendi and Adam Archer, with a retailer incentive cover by Marcus To. Portal Bound #1 will also feature a special Fan Expo: Dallas 2018 convention exclusive cover by artist Mirka Andolfo, limited to 200 copies. The solicitation cover for Portal Bound #1 reads:

Fans can also purchase the introductory Portal Bound #0 issue for only $1.50. Aspen has also provided fans the item codes below to help order their copies with their local retailer:

PORTAL BOUND #0a cover – Alex Arizmendi                         DEC171139
PORTAL BOUND #0b cover – Adam Archer                                         DEC171140


PORTAL BOUND #1a cover – Alex Arizmendi                         FEB181132
PORTAL BOUND #1b cover – Adam Archer                                         FEB181133
PORTAL BOUND #1c incentive cover – Marcus To                             FEB181134