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Review: The Mighty Thor #704


When we last left our hero, Jane Foster has been told if she uses Mjolnir one more time, she will die given each use will increase her cancer but back in Asgardia, Mangog has been unleashed and someone will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

There are two issues for the final arc of the Jane Foster version of Thor which is leaving many fans, myself included, saddened at the possibility. Though I am being positive and hope for the best for whatever happens. In the meantime, The Mighty Thor #704 has certainly a lot to go on.

For starters, throughout much of the issue besides the fight with Mangog in Asgardia, there are sections of pages dedicated to Jane Foster’s past dealing with the death of her parents and family in each section of her life. They’re the most poignant moments of the issue given its reflection on Jane’s predicament and plays a lot to her character development and it’s to a point where you feel for her. You completely understand especially via her narration about her feelings.

Jason Aaron really nails these moments, never holding back the emotional baggage that would come out of these type of moments in life, whether it’d be in the past or the current moments of the issue especially given a moment between her and Bonnie. And while the entire sections are poignant to the point of tears-the end of the book at least shows a true testament to her character to the point of seeing one of the greatest panels of the Jane Foster Thor design ever-complete with an awesomely badass quote.

The Asgardia stuff is well done too especially given a moment between Loki and Freyja. The fight and Mangog certainly demonstrates that even Thor Odinson is helpless against the great beast, the entire situation just looks flat out dire and Aaron is certainly good at upping the stakes for his stories-even on an epic scale from 1 to 10. Aaron always has a knack for balancing action and emotion and it’s no different here.

The art by Russell Dauterman is extremely well done as are the colors by Matthew Wilson who gives the two different types of scenes between the Earth hospital and Asgardia scenes very distinct looks. The Earth hospital moments looking gray, degraded and sad while the Asgardia scenes are vibrant in color but also looking a bit grit. They both have a different feel but never to the point of jarring.

The Mighty Thor may be coming to a close soon but if this issue is anything to go off on, it may at least go out with a bang. Check it out!


Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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