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Review: Generation X #87


Where we last left our merry mutant team of young ones, Monet St. Croix had returned to the X-Mansion only for the team to discover she had merged with her demonic brother Emplate to become M-Plate and with the help of Quentin Quire, Jubilee has managed to get her original powers back to fight against the possessed Monet but will it be enough to take her down?

This week also has the final issue of another comic that feels like its run has been cut short and this time, it’s Generation X. It’s a title that had been resurrected by Christina Strain and it’s a shame because it’s a very decent book that I enjoy with fun character dynamics and of course, my bias speaks given how much I champion Jubilee to the point where I defended the book since the initial announcement when it came under the wrath of gatekeepers who decried on the basis of entitlement that it’s not the book they grew up with originally nor were they fond of the choice of characters.

The team itself is supposed to be about underdog mutants led by Jubilee, a character from the original incarnation which is the perfect pitch for the book. And Strain I feel has quite succeeded in her goal and at the very least, this issue feels like a fitting end.

For a start, Jubilee charging into battle with her firework powers back is at least glorious to behold along with her badass boast. When you get down to it, fireworks can hurt. You can’t her powers lame when fireworks can in fact hurt you if you go near one and injure yourself especially if you use fireworks improperly. So it’s nice to see Strain show that first hand even if M-Plate can shake it off.

The fight against M-Plate is an impressive one too especially with quick thinking from Bling outsmarting her and other characters managing to take her down while she was distracted especially when Emplate is finally separated from Monet.

I will say, I wish the fight went on at least a little bit longer with a few more action beats. But the rest of the issue is a solid character piece, stuff that’s finally resolved like much about Benjamin Deeds/Morph and Nathaniel Carver/Hindsight tying the knot as a couple, same with Lin Li/Nature Girl and Trevor Hawkins/Eye Boy and the aftermath of Jubilee no longer being a vampire which, I admit, I miss a lot and wish it was a best of both worlds kind of thing but hey, what can you do? At least she still has Shogo who is adorable as is the relationship between the two. It makes my heart melt, really.

And of course, Roxy Washington/Bling venturing out into the world after staying in the X-Mansion for years and now it is time for her to explore the world around her and live among humans. It’s a nice send off complete with characters giving her gifts, telling her they’ll miss her, etc. The book just leaves me wanting more because already I miss this team but I can only hope another writer will tackle Jubilee and others again someday and hopefully Marvel still has Christina Strain for other books in mind because I certainly want to see more from her.

The art by Amilcar Pinna I imagine won’t be for everyone. I admit, first time I saw the art, I didn’t know how to feel and in a way, I do feel mixed especially with some of the faces but I think overtime I’ll like it enough because the art is unlike other superhero books that it really gives it a good identity to stand out that it fits as a style especially as a compliment to Strain’s writing so it’s another case of solid writer/artist synergy. The colors by Felipe Sobriero certainly helps achieve that as well. And it helps that Pinna is also very good at staging the action scenes and the emotional moments.

The entire issue feels like Graduation Day and Strain definitely nailed that feeling.

If you’ve been enjoying this book, this issue won’t disappoint. It’s a good end to the team and I look forward to the future that will bring these characters.


Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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  • I just read this issue today and I at least am glad that Monet was able to finally get her brother off of her back with the help of her friends. I stan for Monet!