Review: Infinity Countdown: Prime #1


And so it begins, the start of Infinity Countdown

Okay, okay, technically the Adam Warlock issue was the start but I digress.

Yes, it’s pretty clear why this mini-event is going to be a thing (oh gee, what big movie is coming out the first week of May again?) but I’m always a believer of execution that matters and this is no exception. Yes, it’s easy to be cynical about these sort of things but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically bad. Just takes the right person to tackle the material. Given writer Gerry Duggan has been writing Guardians of the Galaxy and seems to be doing well with the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, he seems to have a good foundation to work off of.

But this book is a flat out setup for things to come in the main series as well as the tie ins to follow. The book even starts with Loki meeting the newly resurrected Logan a.k.a. OG Wolverine who has been quite accustomed to the space stone that allows him to teleport. So you can imagine his response to Loki when he tries to warn him about the Infinity Stones.

Much of the other scenes afterwards showcase more setup for the tie ins to come such as for Daredevil and Captain Marvel and especially which characters have the Infinity Stones. And yes, Daredevil is a very random choice to toss in for this mini event (and given Black Widow is among the tie ins, she is just as random for this). There’s additional stuff with the Guardians of the Galaxy and surprise characters throughout. I can tell you certain characters I didn’t see coming especially given the ending of the issue which no doubt bodes a lot of intrigue as to what could possibly happen.

But all of it is decent set up, it’s just getting all the players in one place before the game can start. Characterization is pretty good all across the board especially given the humorous interaction between Loki and Wolverine with the former frustrated with the latter not listening to him. As well as Rocket dreading the possibility of going back to Earth which definitely gave me a chuckle. Duggan certainly looks like he has a lot to cover but I’m intrigued to see what directions he’ll take the story in.

Mike Deodato Jr.‘s art is very well done. There’s a lot of impressive scenery and well drawn characters. I did feel Wolverine was drawn a bit too buff like his torso and arms were bigger than his head, maybe it was perspective but it came off as that to me. The colors by Frank Martin certainly help the book’s art as well, also giving it a shaded look. Not much action to go around but there are plenty of dynamic moments that are well drawn.

Not much else to say except it’s decent setup. Like the appetizer to the main course. If you’re interested in Infinity Countdown, this is a good pick up before diving into the many books surrounding the mini event.


Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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