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Preview: Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1

Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1

(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Greg Smallwood (CA) Ron Garney
Rated T+
In Shops: Dec 12, 2018
SRP: $4.99

• In a desolate, barren landscape, the Master of the Mystic Arts fights what may well prove to be his final battle-alone, unaided, friendless…
• Except…what’s in that bag that Stephen Strange is carrying with him?

Preview: Infinity Wars #5 (of 6)

Infinity Wars #5 (of 6)

(W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Mike Deodato
Rated T+
In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $4.99

Introducing… Loki’s Cosmic Avengers!

Mark Brooks’ Cover for Infinity Wars #6 is Revealed

When Gamora used the Infinity Stones to fold reality, she created a new universe…and the mind-bending, unique heroes known as the Infinity Warps! This December, the Infinity Stone story that changed the lives of those who wielded the cosmic gems will come to a spectacular end, and Marvel has revealed a new variant cover from acclaimed artist Mark Brooks!

Don’t miss the issue everyone will be talking about – the stunning conclusion to the Infinity Wars!

Infinity Wars #6, written by Gerry Duggan with art and main cover by Mike Deodato Jr. is out December 19, 2018.

Preview: Avengers Halloween Special #1

Avengers Halloween Special #1

(W) Gerry Duggan, More (A) Laura Braga, Luca Pizzari, Robert Quinn (CA) Geoff Shaw
Rated T
In Shops: Oct 31, 2018
SRP: $4.99

PLUS! Spooky stories starring the X-Men & Doctor Doom!
Epic thrills and ghastly horror awaits in these all-new twisted tales! Spanning the breadth of the Marvel Universe, through the macabre lens of a murderer’s row of writers and artists assembled here, see your favorite heroes and villains as you’ve never seen them before!
Also including the Marvel Comics writing debut of Jay Baruchel (This is the End; Goon)!

Preview: Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2

(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Adam Kubert (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 24, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Trapped outside time in the Dark Dimension since the days of World War II, the Soldier Supreme returns, a mage out of time, to find a world unlike any he has ever known!

Review: Analog Vol. 1

Currently in development for film at Lionsgate with John Wick Director Chad Stahelski attached!

2024: the world has been mass-doxxed, and the internet is only for porn. Every email, photo, and document ever sent rains down out of the cloud, and only a fool would send a secret over the web. This is the era of the “Paper Jockeys”: armed couriers with a briefcase of secrets who’ll get your sensitive information around the globe or die trying. Human punching bag Jack McGinnis and his partner Oona are two of the best couriers in the business. For a price, they’ll move your sensitive information where it needs to go as they fight off fascists, criminals, and spies.


Review: Infinity Wars #4

Requiem is victorious. Infinity has been warped. Reality only has one hope.

The world is warped and what will those who know the truth do to stop Gamora? This is the issue where the heroes gather and reality unveiled before the attack begins.

Writer Gerry Duggan gives us a story that’s needed, I’m just left wondering if it needed an entire issue. Infinity Wars #4 isn’t bad, it’s just a transition issue for the greater story. It’s exactly that moment when the heroes gather. It’s just it’s the entire issue. What could happen in a few pages instead is dragged out.

But, what is a very decompressed segment, is still pretty engaging. A lot of that is due to Duggan who adds a dash of humor as the heroes discover they’ve been mashed together. There’s also some fun to see combinations as they’re revealed one at a time.

That’s the highlight of the issue, the reader getting to see what crazy combos the creative team has come up with. What heroes go with whom and if you can guess the combination before they’re split apart. That’s the real draw and honestly not a whole lot else. Most of the issue could easily have been wrapped up and included in other issues, maybe having expanded them a bit. It’s not bad, it’s just a lack of the excitement other issues have been filled with.

The issue also becomes flawed in what Requiem has allowed. There’s massive flaws and for someone who can control everything and do anything, it feels a bit like when the villain goes on and on or tells the hero their plan. It’s a bit eye rolling to be honest.

Mike Deodato, Jr.‘s art along with the color of Frank Martin and lettering of Cory Petit is fantastic and the real draw. The designs for these new characters are great. And, the page layouts are something different as well. There’s some solid work that keeps a story that’d otherwise feel slow moving. The details are what kept me interested

The issue is fine as part of the greater story but on its own, it lacks a bit. The art is solid and a draw but the issue feels like it’s filler before we get back to the good stuff. What happens is important, it just didn’t need to take an entire issue.

Story: Gerry Duggan Art: Mike Deodato Jr.
Color: Frank Martin Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Story: 6.75 Art: 8.15 Overall: 6.95 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Infinity Wars #4 (of 6)

Infinity Wars #4 (of 6)

(W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Mike Deodato
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 10, 2018
SRP: $4.99

Requiem is victorious. Infinity has been warped. Reality only has one hope.

Review: Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1

Out this Wednesday is the next chapter in Infinity Wars and the first of Infinity Warps! It’s Captain America mashed together with Doctor Strange!

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1 is by Gerry Duggan, Adam Kubert, Matthew Wilson, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, Morry Hollowell, Annalise Bissa, and Jordan D. White.

Get your copy in comic shops starting this Wednesday. To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Amazon/Kindle/comiXology or TFAW


Marvel provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review
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Preview: Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1

(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Adam Kubert (CA) Humberto Ramos
Rated T+
In Shops: Sep 19, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Classified 4-F by the military, Stephen Rogers was unable to serve his country in World War II…until a secret government program tapping into arcane sorcery transformed him into the Soldier Supreme, the magical warrior embodiment of the American spirit!

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