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Advance Review: Catalyst Prime: Superb #7

Catalyst Prime: Superb #7 Cover

Where we last left our heroes, Amina and Cosmosis have rescued Corinna from Foresight all the while trying to rescue their parents and learn the secrets of Foresight but is all what it seems?

Superb comes from the recent superhero universe Catalyst Prime from Lion Forge Comics and seems to be slowly but surely developing a following. And that has piqued my interest in checking out the buzz. I decided to start with Superb since I thought that sounded like an appealing book. I’ve found recent superhero books with teenagers to be rather fun whether it’d be Ms. Marvel or Unstoppable Wasp as examples. And Superb, at least Catalyst Prime as a whole, seems to appeal to me as much as Marvel does since I do care about the characters and relate to their actions. It’s a simple superhero story right with a mysterious organization added to boot. Kayla Tate/Amina and Jonah Watkins/Cosmosis are very likeable leads. And hey, cool that Watkins is a superhero with Down syndrome.

You also have to remember, they are kids. Some actions they’ve committed simply seemed like a good idea at the time to them but they learn. And that’s very relatable to me.

Writers Sheena C. Howard and David F. Walker (Luke Cage) certainly nail the characters hard. Not one moment feels off, every action and every bit of dialogue feels natural coming from everyone and I like the structure of the whole mystery surrounding Foresight. Especially the introduction of what looks like some kind of injector device, I don’t know, it kind of looked like an oversized needle to me but while it’s still setup, it’s good setup that could come into play later.

And concerning a certain character, I admit I didn’t see coming so kudos to Howard and Walker for that especially given the cliffhanger sets up a new fight.

The art itself by Alitha Martinez is decent enough, nothing to write home about but I quite like the art anyway and fits the book itself. Then again, the book does look like it could fit in with the Marvel universe so maybe that’s part of why I like Superb thus far.

If you’re already a fan of this book or Catalyst Prime itself, the book’s energy and intrigue with its likeable leads is still going strong. If you want a superhero book that isn’t Marvel or DC, this is the book for you, check it out.


Lion Forge Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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