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Minh Lê Reveals Details of his DC Zoom Graphic Novel, Green Lantern: Legacy

Last week DC Entertainment announced DC Ink and DC Zoom, two new graphic novel imprints aimed at young and middle grade readers. Detached from long continuity, the graphic novels will allow writers to explore DC’s concepts focused on characters. A list of creators and titles has been released but the concepts for each has been scant. Some details are coming out of the American Library Association’s Midwinter meeting.

Minh Lê has revealed the concepts behind his graphic novel Green Lantern: Legacy, a new spin on the classic character. The artist has yet to be announced.

Lê’s Green Lantern is a 13 year old name Tai. After his grandmother passes away, her “jade ring” finds its way to him. That ring turns out to be a Green Lantern ring and his grandmother was secretly a superhero. Now, it’s up to him to carry on the legacy.

The characters and concept were inspired by Lê’s own grandmother who was a hero to him, strong willed, and passed along a jade ring to Lê 20 years ago which he has worn since.

The graphic novel will be released in 2019.

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