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BOOM! Studios Announces About Betty’s Boob

BOOM! Studios has announced About Betty’s Boob, an affecting and inspired examination of one woman’s painful, surreal, and oddly humorous journey following a mastectomy. Master storytellers Vero Cazot and Julie Rocheleau present the original graphic novel (OGN) story of Betty, who wakes up alone in a hospital room and finds herself disoriented by the body that greets her. She must face the cruel outside world obsessed with beauty standards, starting with her boyfriend, who’s having a very hard time dealing with her new look. No one seems to know what to make of this new Betty and neither does she.

Told largely through a silent sequential narrative, About Betty’s Boob is seminal work that will simultaneously inspire and surprisingly make you laugh as Betty must deal with loss and acceptance on this unforgettable journey of self-discovery.

About Betty’s Boob, debuts in hardcover format and is aimed at Mature Readers. The graphic novel will be released June 2018 through BOOM!’s Archaia imprint.

About Betty's Boob

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