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TV Review: The Flash S4E11 The Elongated Knight Rises

A familiar villain returns to terrorize Central City; Ralph must rise up to defend the innocent while Barry is detained by his trial; Barry searches for the strength to keep is optimism alive in the face of his new circumstances.

The Flash shifts a bit as Barry is sidelined in jail but there’s still villains to take care of. A classic villain is back, along with his mom, and it’s Ralph to the rescue to stop the bad guys.

The episode’s a good one and the shift to Ralph as a focus of the superheroic antics actually works well. It’s different but what’s fascinating is that it shows how much the show has shifted from Barry-centric to an ensemble.

The biggest change for the episode with Ralph being the center is the introduction of a lot more humor. The character is very Jim Carey-esque in the delivery at times and it really works. I’ve never expected the character to work in live action and I’m wrong in that department. The episode also has helped him grow with understanding his powers and eventually a new costume. It’s a Ralph stepping up episode.

Then there’s Barry. Here’s in jail now and instead of doing a “woe is me” focus, the series has decided to use the opportunity to actually tell us more about Barry’s father’s time in jail. There was hint of that in the last episode but we get our first taste here. It’s an interesting direction and really smart of the series.

With the main character sidelined, The Flash seems to have gotten better?! A really solid episode that has me excited to see what’s next.

Overall Rating: 7.85

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