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Coyotes Cancel Stan Lee Puck Drop. Will Comic Industry Follow?

The Arizona Coyotes have cancelled Stan Lee‘s appearance that was to take place today in their game against the Edmonton Oilers.

Allegations were raised this week that Lee harassed and propositioned nurses. New claims say Lee masturbated in front of a masseuse after groping her and demanding sex while he attended C2E2 in April 2017. Lee has denied the claims.

Lee is scheduled to attend the ACE Comic Con taking place January 13-5. His attendance is still being advertised with a photo ops going for $150, a dual photo op with Chris Evans going for $500, and Evans, Lee, and Tom Holland going for $800. Lee autographs are being advertised for $130.

We’ve been told directly in private from individuals that Lee is known to “pinch” women’s butts at conventions with some saying it happened to them but not wanting to be identified. We expect more to come out over the next few weeks.

With Lee’s appearance at a hockey game being cancelled, but not his convention appearance, one has to wonder, does a sport that involves grown men beating the crap out of each other have higher standards than the comic industry? Which convention will be the first to cancel his appearance over this and say no more? What publishers will sever ties?

Here’s your chance to stand up comic industry and you’re failing miserably right now (ahem, Chris Evans, ahem).

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