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Baby Badass, A foul-mouthed, ill-tempered Marine in the body of a baby

The future ain’t pretty. It’s 2043, and the United States Under God is a dry, violent place filled with aggressive degenerates. ‘Born’ into this world is Baby Badass; a failed military experiment who escapes into the New West desert where he’s discovered by a sweet waitress who takes him in, not knowing that the slumbering bundle is actually a 33 year old half-formed hybrid clone of super-soldier Alphie Omega.

On the run from an evil entity called M.O.T.H.E.R. (Military Organization to Harness Evolutionary Resources), it’s Mad Max meets Idiocracy—a hilarious and disturbing journey into a dark future of fear, sex, violence, and the occasional diaper-change. Bady Badass is an insane pop culture mashup with a truly unique superantihero. I mean really, where else can you see a “baby” eating a heart?

This mini-series is a loving homage to the 90’s more vengeance-based creations written by D.E. Schrader and Kristian Horn, art by Tim Larsen, and covers by Larsen and Dan Mendoza. Inspired by classic comics and seminal blockbusters, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen, and everything you’ve ever loved all at the same time.

Get ready to meet the most dangerous and foul-mouthed baby of all time! Baby Badass #1 will be in a comic book store near you on February 28, 2018.