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Review: Transformers: Lost Light #12

Transformers: Lost Light #12NO TURNING BACK! Getaway has crossed one too many lines and made one too many enemies. Hunted down on his own ship, the master manipulator has one last trick of his sleeve-something so shocking, so audacious, that it would put the most evil Decepticon to shame. No one is safe as the “Mutineers Trilogy” reaches its jaw-dropping climax in Transformers: Lost Light #12.

“The Mutineers Trilogy” kicked off with one of the best issues of the year and though the next two have been enjoyable, they haven’t reached that high bar. Transformers: Lost Light #12 though still shines as all hell breaks loose and Getaway’s psychosis gets even worse.

Writer James Roberts has been exploring how far Getaway will go to complete his mission. This issue though starts giving a bit of a reason for his obsession. What I’m enjoying is Roberts painting Getaway as a religious extremist willing to do whatever is needed to get to Cyberutopia. And Getaway will do whatever he needs to in order to drag more individuals into his orbit. The combination of action, shock, and the themes have created a fascinating read.

The art by Jack Lawrence is fantastic as expected. There’s lots of action and lots of carnage. Every bit of it is detailed. Lawrence also delivers a lot of emotion. Each death and dismemberment has emotional depth to it.

Where this is all going, I’m not sure. The issue is full of surprises including the ending. There’s death and lots of questions to be answered. It’s clear this ship is full of traitors but what that means… who knows? There’s also an interlude that’s beyond exciting and has me wanting to see what’s next. This has been a great story arc with some of the best writing in a while. That’s impressive considering IDW’s Transformers both entertains and makes you think. Still more than meets the eye.

Story: James Roberts Art: Jack Lawrence
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Read

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review