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How Does the Disney and Fox Deal Impact BOOM! Studios First Look and Investment?

In 2013, 20th Century Fox inked a first-look deal with BOOM! Studios providing the movie studio a mountain of intellectual property to create future movies with. In 2014, that deal expanded to include 20th Century Fox TV. In 2017, things shifted a bit as 20th Century Fox made a “strategic investment” in the comic book giving the company a minority stake in the “largest independently-controlled” comic book and graphic novel library.

Not even six months later Disney has announced it is acquiring a sizable chunk of Fox’s assets in a massive deal that will see the movie and scripted portions of Fox coming under the Disney banner. A question was raised, how would this deal impact Fox’s with BOOM!?

We reached out to BOOM! Studios pondering what the future held for the comic publisher under this deal and received the following from Vice President, Marketing Arune Singh:

While we don’t have any information beyond what has already been reported in the press, we are excited for the new opportunities that this partnership  provides for our friends at Fox. Both Fox and Disney are world class organizations with exceptional teams, so we look forward to their shared success in the future.

In regards to BOOM! Studios, there will be no immediate changes to how we operate day-to-day. Fox is a valued partner but they are also a minority shareholder, meaning we will continue to operate independently and pursue the same opportunities that have made BOOM! Studios such a success for over twelve years.

While the future remains cloudy, expect the next major opportunity to read the tea leaves at 2018 San Diego Comic-Con and if BOOM! and Fox partner again for another drink-up.

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