TV Review: The Flash S4E9 Don’t Run

Amunet threatens to kill Caitlin if she doesn’t help perform a tricky medical task; The Thinker traps The Flash in a speedster-proof prison; Iris is forced to choose whether to save Caitlin or Barry.

The Flash gets back running with an episode following up on the four part crossover. Barry and Iris are married and they’re going over their presents. But bliss isn’t going to last, where’s the entertainment in that?

The episode has two stories as two team members are kidnapped and Iris must decide where to focus. It puts her in an interesting place and it’s pretty clear what the decision is, so a little baffling as to why there’s much of a debate at all other than “emotions.”

Caitlin is taken hostage and we meet a new meta human. It’s a pretty standard story where the doctor is forced to help the patient under duress and threat. Then there’s Barry being kidnapped by the Thinker. The motives for this and the how are a bit odd and it might be best to not think about any of it but the point is for a major pivot of the character (which makes you wonder how it’s not causing a time rift unto itself).

There’s a big twist at the end with the Thinker and Barry and the concept of the story feels better than the execution itself, especially this episode. Beyond the final 10 or 15 minutes, the episode is rather forgettable. There’s nothing that really makes it stand out at all with some humorous moments but no amazing thing, not even actionwise.

Altogether, it’s a standard episode who has a goal and achieves it. There’s some key moments but the episode itself can be skipped for just the last 15 minutes.



Overall Rating: 7.0