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Comic Bento brings you stories of Legacy in December

What we do with our lives is crucial to building what will be here after we’re gone; Our Legacy. As they close out 2017, Comic Bento explores characters, stories, and galaxies with lasting and legendary legacies. From sword-swinging fantasy to space battles and our own mortality, Legacy is our connection to the past and the key to what comes next!

Want to check out what’s inside the Legacy collection?

  • A major Franchise joins Comic Bento for the first time!
  • An indie title that’s as critically acclaimed as it is thought-provoking!
  • A new story of new characters in old legacies!
  • A showdown between legendary legacy characters!
  • A $75 MSRP that ensures your wallet’s legacy!

But act fast! You only have until December 31st, 2017 to ensure your Legacy!

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