Three Days to Get Alex Cormack and Ryan K. Lindsay’s Stain the Seas Scarlet

Stain the Seas Scarlet is a sci-fi revent comic one-shot about resistance, shitty robots, and spacesuit noir from Alex Cormack and Ryan K. Lindsay.

Running until November 30, the Kickstarter is for the complete 22 page full color comic by artist Cormack and writer Lindsay as a digital release.

When Yelena’s planet has just about been successfully driven beneath the bootheel of the scumbag robot terraforming army, she throws a Hail Mary play. She takes the fight to them, via her diplomatic sell out sister, and she fails.

Or does she?

What comes next is a wild ride of spacesuit noir that’s my take on a 70s revenge flick with our wandering hero loose in space.

The comic is 100% made and ready to go so with the Kickstarter project already funded this is a comic you’re guaranteed to get for as little as $1.52.