Naval Institute Press’ Dead Reckoning Hints at Its First Graphic Novel (Updated)

Naval Institute Press is setting its sights on the comic industry with their new imprint Dead Reckoning. Announced in October, the new line of comics and graphic novels will launch in the Fall 2018 with full-length original graphic novels and collections of classic comics with a special focus on military and naval history, military and naval biography, general history, and stories of the high seas.

The new imprint will launch with an initial list of five titles and then expand to 10-12 titles per year in 2019. Subject matter ranges from infamous settings like World War I and the Vietnam War to more recent conflicts like the war in Afghanistan as well as memoirs and biographies.

Though the new imprint was announced, not much is known as to what to expect and what we might see. In honor of Veteran’s Day the publisher might have given us our first hint in an email that honored those that have served.

The comics community has faithfully portrayed men and women who have served our country with honor and distinction. Counted among its creative ranks are those who have served as well.

This and every Veterans Day, we honor our veterans, past and present, who have given so much to our country and whose stories are immortalized in comics.

The Naval Institute Press extends our gratitude for dynamically capturing the veteran experience.

Respectfully yours,

Naval Institute Press
U.S. Naval Institute

The below image and caption were included. So expect The Flying Column illustrated by Bill Reinhold some time in the future. Whether it’ll be the first released remains to be seen, but it’s the first title we know of and part of a creative team.

IIlustration by Bill Reinhold from the upcoming graphic novel The Flying Column.

Update: We’ve gotten word from writer Carl Potts that The Flying Column won’t be part of the first wave of graphic novels from Naval Institute Press but will be hopefully published “not too long after the launch of the Dead Reckoning imprint.”

The story is based on Potts’ family experiences in the Philippines during World War II. The Flying Column is the first in a two-volume story with the second volume titled Guests of the Emperor. Potts also provided an article with an overview of the events the two volumes cover.