The 90s are Back for Jean Grey in X-Men: Red

Jean Grey is “returning from the dead” and Marvel has announced a new series to go along with that. X-Men: Red will be written by Tom Taylor with art by Mahmud Asrar and a cover by Travis Charest.

Grey sports a costume that invokes her 90s design by Jim Lee. Marvel has “mined” the 90s already for their X franchise with to new series X-Men: Gold and X-Men: Blue invoking the “Gold” and “Blue” team split from the 90s.

Grey will return in the five issue-miniseries Phoenix Resurrection which goes on sale in December. But that’s only the beginning as her adventures continue on X-Men: Red which will focus on Jean’s “vision for the world.”

The series will feature new uniforms, a new team headquarters, new characters, along with “a surprise villain at the end.”