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Review: Harbinger Renegade #0


“Beneath the wreckage of the Harbinger Foundation, there is a secret that even Toyo Harada grew to fear. A secret simply known as… the Stormbringer.”

To say that Valiant are doing their level best to build up the excitement level for next year’s Harbinger Wars 2 that will bring almost every character in the company’s repertoire together in what’s being positioned as an all out war. But to get to that point, the company needs to lay some ground work, and that’s just what Rafer Roberts has been doing in this series.

The recently concluded Massacre arc saw the deaths of the vast majority of Generation Zero at the hands of H.A.R.D. Corps (who also suffered significant casualties), and we also got glimpses into the reaction to those deaths. The arc was trans-formative for the Valiant Universe, including an at-the-time irrelevant interlude issue, which just about brings us to this Zero issue. Plot wise, the comic focuses on a H.A.R.D. Corps raid on an installation that’s hiding Alexander Solomon, and very little else. It’s a well written diversion that builds a little toward the inevitable war while bringing a little more relevance to the interlude issue – if you’ve read the full preview text then you have a pretty good idea of the outcome of the issue,  but I won’t reveal more regarding the ins and outs of the admittedly pretty straight forward plot as it is more fun to go in relatively blind.

Juan Jose Ryp is once again spot on with his work here, and the colouring work of Andrew Dalhouse compliments Ryp’s work in every way. The pair combine to create some utterly fantastic visuals throughout the comic with some really dynamic action sequences packed with all kinds of detail without ever feeling too convoluted. I am a big fan of Ryp’s art style, so whenever I see his name on the cover to a comic I know that even if the story sucks, which it doesn’t, then I’ll at least be able to read a good looking comic – and that’s certainly the case here.

With the zero issue designation Harbinger Renegade #0 is technically taken out of the numbering sequence, although the story would have allowed this to serve as the next sequentially numbered issue – but that’s a very minor and ultimately irrelevant point. Suffice to say that this issue is one of Roberts stronger ones, although if you’re not reading the series as a whole then a lot of the hints and half answered questions may mean nothing to you – essentially what I’m saying here is that this may not be an ideal jumping on point, but it’s a damn good comic.

Story: Rafer Roberts Art: Juan Jose Ryp Colourist Andrew Dalhouse
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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