Review: Action Comics #991

After being revealed as [REDACTED], Mr. Oz makes his last moves against the Man of Steel and his family and leaves the Man of Tomorrow wondering what other secrets and lies await him in the future as “The Oz Effect” comes to a close.

Action Comics #991 wraps up this interesting chapter in Superman’s life and while the issue is interesting it also feels like it falls a little flat delivering a satisfying conclusion. With the world in chaos Superman confronts Mr. Oz with his son falling under his spell. Written by Dan Jurgens, there’s a battle, a hell of a battle, and that part is action packed and interesting. What’s not is what happens to Oz.

“The Oz Effect” has at times felt like Superman’s version of “The Button” the recent crossover between Batman and the Flash. Each are middle chapters of an ongoing saga and as such primarily set up what’s to come instead of wrapping up it’s own story.

The comic is generally satisfying it’s just those last few pages where things fall apart with a quick change in Mr. Oz that doesn’t quite work and just emphasizing more and more that there’s a big bad out there that Superman will have to confront. We know what’s coming with “Doomsday Clock,” and this comic feels like a chapter in a greater story as opposed to its own self-contained experience. In fairness “The Button” had the same issue.

The art by Viktor Bogdanovic is solid as usual. His is an art that has grown on me more and more and the battle in particular is filled with entertaining action presented in some interesting ways. Bogdanovic’s art style fits the tone of the comic quite well balancing the rather depressing state of the world with the battle between Superman and Oz and some of the more hope filled moments at the end. There’s an emotional ride here and the art enhances that.

The comic is an interesting one. The arc as a whole will be a key one building to the eventual confrontation between the DC Universe and the mysterious manipulator but on its own it’s a little hard to recommend. While I recognize there’s a great storyline some have been able to balance self-contained arcs with the greater narrative. This however leans a little too much one way.

Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Viktor Bogdanovic Cover Art: Nick Bradshaw
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.05 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review