TV Review: Broad City S4E6 Witches

In “Witches”, director/co-star Abbi Jacobson and writer Gabe Liedman expertly blend magical realism and super harsh realism in an episode that is a sex positive celebration of women and sisterhood of all ages and ethnicities and also a comedic slug to Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s hypocritical, misogynistic, unworthy to be president and vice president’s chests. They go for another separate and then converging amazingly plot lines featuring Abbi and Ilana. Abbi finds her first grey hair and then sells her art outside the Met and starts to think she’s a witch that isn’t helped by her new BFF, Margo (Classic SNL actor Jane Curtin) . While this is going on, Ilana is talking to a sex therapist and has a giant epiphany that she hasn’t had an orgasm since November 8, 2016.

November 8 is the fateful day that Donald Trump was elected president (And I drank half a case of Modelo.), and saying the numbers 2016 (and 2017) became synonymous with terrible, shitty thing we don’t want to think about. However, unlike some comedies, Liedman, Jacobson, and Broad City go full tilt about how terrible he is, and how his election has had a real effect on the mental (and sexual) health of many Americans, including women. And they do it an sexy, slapstick-y, montage way with Ilana using her vibrator in front of the therapist and trying to think about happy things, like “average sized dicks” or even Abbi, but then shuddering about Mike Pence or Trump’s hot mic comments to Billy Bush. It’s done in an awkwardly humorous manner, but Broad City takes the fight to the Trump regime in “Witches”, and with a glorious montage of historical and contemporary women from Jacobson, becomes Comedy Central’s true leader of the resistance putting the South Park kids and Trevor Noah to shame.

Unity between women is definitely the through-line in “Witches”, which culminates in a dream-like gathering of rad women of all ages in a part of Central Park that Abbi and Ilana have never been to. During her plotline, Abbi bonds with fellow artist Margo, who seems to have all the same interests as Abbi, even though she’s decades older and with a dermatologist Dr. Fuller (Played by Inside Amy Schumer‘s Greta Lee.), who offers her chemical solutions to her aging problem after she finds one grey hair. Gabe Liedman could have used this scene between Dr. Fuller and Abbi to poke fun at women who do these kind of treatments, but instead, they end up bonding, and towards the end of the episode, Ilana has a non-judgmental attitude towards women, who do things like skin peels and Botox during one of her many post-montage orgasms.

Continuing a major part of her character arc in Season 4, Abbi runs into one of her exes, Jeremy, a neighbor she had a crush on and then pegged in the memorable episode “Knockoffs”. However, he was a huge hipster snob and hasn’t been seen on the show in a while. In Season 4, he is a “co-parenting” an adopted black child with an extra from Garden State and really seems to have his life together after throwing down a crisp $100 dollar bill  on the “struggling artist” Abbi. It’s kind of nauseating and makes Abbi sad that she doesn’t have a job and hasn’t really done much with her life except for get her first grey hair. But she does get to howl at the moon with some amazing ladies and not have to worry about those unemployment/quarter life crisis fears for at least one night as Liedman and Jacobson go for the magical side of the realism coin to close out “Witches”.

In “Witches”, Abbi, Ilana, and their new friends show that women are awesome, and that powerful, abusive, misogynistic men like Trump suck and are a burden on society. Down with the patriarchy, and long live the covens. It’s also very nice to see older women get to be funny, insightful, and cut loose a little bit on a show that is usually about people in their twenties so it’s fitting that Golden Girls is the last image in the “amazing women” montage before Jacobson cuts to black.

Overall: 8.0