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Top Cow and Image Want You to Enter the World of Dissonance this January

Designer Melita Curphy and writer Singgih Nugroho team up with artist Sami Basri for the sci-fi/fantasy drama Dissonance, coming this January from Image Comics and Top Cow Productions.

In an alternate world where Earth is populated with powerful human-spirit hybrids called Fantasmen, Folke and Roisia Herviett, two siblings with opposing worldviews, are challenged to prove their worth and take up their parents’ positions in a devious group that secretly runs the world. Meanwhile, Seraphim, a Fantasmen warrior guard, is sent to prevent a catastrophic event from affecting the Earth and its own universe.

Dissonance #1 (Diamond code: NOV170644) hits comic book shops Wednesday, January 10th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, December 18th.