Unlikely Heroes Studios Survives the Apocalypse with “The Surgeon”

Unlikely Heroes Studios, publishers of the hit indie comics series Super!, announces the electronic release of the first issue in a new series. The Surgeon is a uniquely American postapocalyptic Western built around the struggle of a traveling physician who has sworn to “first do no harm,” but must kill for survival. “Chapter One, Turtle Island” follows Doctor Jenny Hanover as she answers a call for a frontier physician — and finds much more than she bargained for.

The Surgeon is written by John Pence and will continue for four more chapters. Pence’s writing career started in the early 2000s with literary fiction, but in recent years he has focused on the comics medium.

The comic features art by Zack Dolan, colors by Eve Orozco, inks by Laurie Foster, and lettering by Erek Foster.

The Surgeon, “Chapter One: Turtle Island” will be available on Comixology, Amazon Kindle, and Patreon, and UHS is currently running a Kickstarter to finance a print run.