Review: Action Comics #989

The startling revelation of Mr. Oz’s origin has stopped the Man of Steel dead in his tracks. With Superman distracted by disasters looming around the world, Mr. Oz has the time to confront Lois Lane.

DC Comics has been really shaking things up when it comes to Superman with the revelation that Mr. Oz is in fact his father Jor-El (I’m still not sure there isn’t a twist left to come). Written by Dan Jurgens, Action Comics #989 is an interesting one in that the chaos expands around the world creating an atmosphere of hopelessness. Jurgens does a solid job of building a tenseness about it all and the out of control nature of it all.

But, what Jurgens does best is the set up and delivery. The chaos comes to the Daily Planet but that really is about introducing Mr. Oz to Lois and Jonathan. It’d happen eventually and here we have it, just a few issues after the big reveal. It’s solid and the reactions from both Lois and Jonathan are interesting and feel realistic to some extent. Jonathan may be a bit too trusting, but the kid is rather innocent and naive about the world.

This issue is an even bigger set-up than the reveal of Mr. Oz’s identity and there’s this cool corrupting the pupil vibe about it all. We know things will work out in the end but I have a feeling Jurgens has a lot more up his sleeve until we get there.

The art by Viktor Bogdanovic is really solid and captures the chaos quite well. There’s scenes where a lot is covered and different settings flow nicely together. Though there’s segments in Metropolis and others in Africa, it all works and feels cohesive that it fits in the same world. There’s also an air of desperation about it all that’s enhanced through the art.

The issue is a good one and in a way is the dark middle chapter of the trilogy. Again, I’m sure things will work out but the team is weaving a story that at first seems silly but in reality has worked out in a way that defies expectations. An entertaining read that’s another excellent chapter in this exciting drama and action adventure.

Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Viktor Bogdanovic Cover Art: Nick Bradshaw
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.05 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review