Comic Creators Coming Together to Help Puerto Rico

As our nation mostly sits on its hands to help our fellow American citizens in Puerto Rico devastated by hurricanes, a group of creators are coming together to create a charitable anthology “highlighting the beauty, culture, and history” of Puerto Rico.

Its been a week since Hurricane Maria’s devastation and the island is still waiting for aid. Millions await the basics of fuel, food, and water with 97% of the US commonwealth’s 3.4 million residents still in the dark as of this Wednesday. All of this has led to rationing as there’s not enough food to go around and individuals are being forced to drink rainwater. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands have seen fewer personnel since Hurricane Marian hit than Texas and Florida during their recent hurricanes. Lack of supplies are leading to tragic and tough choices everywhere. Hospitals don’t have enough energy to properly care for individuals who rely on ventilators to survive as an example.

Marco Lopez, one of the individuals spearheading the anthology, wrote on Facebook:

Puerto Rico is an island of 3.5 million American citizens with a rich history that goes back hundreds of years. To those Boricua that live on the island and across the U.S. it is not only their home or home away from home it is an essential part of their very being of what makes them and their families who they are. Puerto Rico doesn’t just hold a special place in the hearts of Puerto Ricans, the island, people, and culture hold a very special place in the hearts to other people in the Latinx community and those of non Latinx origin.

When news of Hurricane Maria made airwaves, so soon after Hurricane Irma many of us saw the writing on the wall. Puerto Rico, for all its beauty, life and culture, also has a history of colonization and oppression. Currently suffering in massive debt and due to the Jones Act unable to receive aid from other countries, it is up to us, the public, to offer aid and support.

There are many ways to donate and support the islanders who are currently without water, food, electricity, and supplies. The four of us, Marco Lopez, Derek Ruiz, Desiree Rodriguez, and Neil M Schwartz, have decided to use our collective creativity to organize a charitable anthology that highlights the beauty, culture and history of Puerto Rico told by the voices of Puerto Rican creators along with other Latinx and non-Latinx allies.

All proceeds for this anthology will go directly to aiding the people of Puerto Rican who desperately need all the help they can get. More information will be released in the following weeks. We hope you will support this endeavor and more importantly, support the people of Puerto Rico.…

#PuertoRicoStrong #share

We’ll have more details when they’re released and of course you can always donate to those organizations to help out now.